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ComFor Test Manual: Precursors of Communication

ComFor Test Manual: Precursors of Communication



(ON REQUEST Delivered in 30 days) TEST COMFOR Manual (Precursors of Communication), by Roger Verpporten, Ilse Noens and Ina van Berckelaer-Onnes. It is a test for evaluating the needs of augmentative communication systems in autism and other communication difficulties. Includes 5 original evaluation forms. It does not include the Evaluation Materials Briefcase that can be obtained in this same virtual store.

This assessment instrument comes to us as the first test specially designed, and now translated into the Spanish language, for the identification of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication System (SAAC) that best adjusts to the specific needs of each child and each adult with autism. Professionals who work with and support people with autism need to know what a person understands and perceives. We also have to know the meaning that it attributes to what it perceives, because the communication system that we choose for it will depend on it.

Having a valid and reliable evaluation test that accurately informs us about all of the above and tells us which SAAC to use in each case is a fundamental need that the ComFor test satisfactorily covers. With a structured presentation, clear instructions and a scoring system that is simple to apply and easy to interpret, it is recommended that this test be applied to all those who can benefit from a SAAC, since the correct choice of this will be key to its development and for the success of future interventions.

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