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Autism and Visual Impairment

Autism and Visual Impairment



The work "Autism and Visual Disability" is composed of works by various authors such as Peter Hobson, Naomi Dale, Rita Jordan ... that jointly address various topics that can be very useful for different readers. It aims to serve as a bridge for professionals who work or research in the field of autism to approach the world of visual impairment and vice versa. A bridge that will have an impact on a greater understanding of people with both disabilities and an improvement in their educational care.

This collection of articles begins by collecting a series of theoretical reflections about the nature of autism and visual impairment, together with a debate about the similarities between both human conditions, in which it is studied whether these have a superficial or deep character. . These reflections are elaborated from the hand of the latest research results, which illuminate aspects of human development that were little known until now and which are based on the best practices to investigate these groups.

If people with autism learn better visually, as shown by multiple recent studies, how can we propose educational intervention for those people who have both autism and visual impairment? To answer this question, the series of articles ends with two important works on educational intervention, in which practical solutions based on evidence are offered. For the publication of this work, the collaboration of the ONCE Foundation and Caja de Ávila has been essential.

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