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Autism with Severe Intellectual Disability

Autism with Severe Intellectual Disability



Author: Dr. Rita Jordan

Pages: 341

ISBN: 978-84-940322-1-9

A significant percentage of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder simultaneously have a Severe Intellectual Disability.

The work Autism with Severe Intellectual Disability, by Dr. Rita Jordan, begins by analyzing the implications of double disability. People with autism, whether or not they have an additional intellectual disability, develop in a different way. Those who, in addition to autism, do not have intellectual disabilities, use their cognitive abilities to compensate for the difficulties in acquiring social information that are typical of autism. However, those who also have intellectual disabilities, will have difficulties to do this, and therefore will not only develop in a different way, but will also do it more slowly. The importance of addressing autism first in people with this dual condition is justified by numerous examples.

The book goes on to address the difficulties in communication, social interaction and play of these people, as central elements of autism and that are exacerbated by the presence of a significant intellectual disability. The author carries out an in-depth analysis of these aspects, providing intervention strategies from a wide variety of programs, which can be very useful for both parents and educators and which can have a very significant impact on development and quality of life. of the person.

Next, the author analyzes the different supportive educational environments to which the person can have access and does so with enormous common sense. In this analysis, he weighs the benefits and drawbacks of the different schooling options, always from the perspective of individual characteristics and the opportunities that the surrounding environment offers to each person with autism and intellectual disability.

Also of utmost importance are the chapters devoted to understanding and controlling problem behavior. These are aspects to which the author gives high priority as a teaching objective for parents and educators, so she dedicates a significant effort to analyze this topic, in order to facilitate the understanding of behavior and the communicative function that it has, to later provide effective intervention keys to prevent and address them.

Later, and with great empathy, the author puts herself in the shoes of the families of people with autism and severe intellectual disability to understand and study the difficulties they face throughout the different stages of life. It also discusses their important work in teaching skills for daily life and especially in the process of transition to adult life.

The book concludes with a very positive perspective on what a productive life can be like for a person with autism and severe intellectual disability, exploring the variety of support resources they can access to help them lead a happy life.

About the author:

Dr. Rita Jordan. Professor of Child Psychology and Emeritus Professor of Autism Studies: School of Education, University of Birmingham, UK.

After graduating in psychology, Rita worked as a professional trainer in ordinary and special education schools, assuming the deputy director of a school for students with autism. He has a Master in Child Development and another in Linguistics. At the University of Hertfordshire, she has been a university lecturer in the subjects of special educational needs, language development, clinical linguistics, education and cognitive science. His doctorate focused on studying the use of pronouns by people with autism. Since 1993, he created and implemented a wide variety of autism training programs at the University of Birmingham. He has conducted research on multiple aspects of autism and has participated in numerous international training, counseling, and conferences around the world. He has collaborated in official working groups, both nationally and internationally, to conduct reviews of evidence studies and offer advice in relation to Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has been editor of the journal AUTISM (International Journal of Research and Practice) for 11 years and has been part of the Editorial Committee of 4 other international journals. She has been a consultant for the Committee of Experts for the Education and Social Inclusion of Children and Young People with Autism, sponsored by the Council of Europe. In 1997 he received an honorary distinction from the British Government for his contribution to people with special educational needs.

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