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The Geometry of Silences

The Geometry of Silences



People tend to think that all people with autism are children, perhaps because in movies we only see children, in books, we read about children, and it is children who appear in the newspapers when talking about autism. We do not have life stories of adults, as if we had sent them to a planet far from earth. And the lives of those people deserve to be told, like that of any other. It is not an easy life; The amount of support they need to live differs according to the amount of autonomy and the capacity for choice that each one has, but although that capacity for choice is very little, it is their right, like that of any human being; it is their right to choose, albeit with narrow margins, how they want to live their life and with whom.

Marc Buleon talks about all this in his story The Geometry of Silences: about the people of La Casa Pequeno, a place where Laura, Pepe Buenos, Alexandre, Damien, Daniel and Elisabeth have ended up for different reasons. These are the stories we need. Marc has the wisdom to tell it in small moments that, in the end, are the important ones, because we need to know how adults with autism live their lives, how they spend their time, how they get excited and how they love. That is the only thing that will make people in general understand, that they understand that there are other ways of living life and that they are not less worthy for that.

The story that Marc tells is not just a beautiful story, it is an exciting story and a great life lesson for everyone else, all of us who call ourselves normal and are not because, in reality, there is no one normal.

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