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How to use everyday activities to teach children to connect, communicate, and learn.
Sally J Rogers, Geraldine Dawson and Laurie A Visara

As revealed in some cutting-edge research involving young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the role of parents is crucial in helping them connect with others, develop their potential, and live fulfilling lives. . In this handbook, the creators of the Denver Model of Early Intervention provide actionable and practical strategies that can be used every day. Virtually all young children have an amazing ability to learn, and children with an ASD are no exception. Using a positive and encouraging tone, Drs Sally Rogers, Geraldine Dawson and Laurie Vismara make it seem incredibly easy to turn daily routines like breakfast or bath time into learning experiences geared towards acquiring skills that are crucial for development. These proven techniques are illustrated with realistic examples that encourage children's play, speaking, and participation.


“This Denver Model manual, aimed at families with young children with autism or with warning signs, is an excellent resource, as it accompanies families at a crucial stage in their children's development and facilitates understanding of the Neurodevelopmental alterations implicit in autism. Written with love and respect, it is an essential tool for early care.

María Díez-Juan, certif. ESDM, Sant Joan de Dèu Hospital in Barcelona


«This manual is very useful for understanding child development. The authors offer us a very complete vision of how children learn to communicate. This skill is acquired in everyday situations and, although it seems simple, it is actually very complex. They explain strategies to put into practice in a very accessible way and include many examples that can guide us on the journey of building relationships with our little ones.

Sonsoles Perpiñán Guerras, Ministry of Education of the Junta de Castilla y León


"Easy to read, highly informative, and packed with helpful strategies, this is a terrific resource for families."

Fred R. Volkmar, Yale University (USA)


“Drs Rogers, Dawson, and Vismara have turned recent scientific evidence into practical suggestions for improving your child's social and communication skills. This is a manual that you will greatly appreciate.

Peter Szatmari, McMaster University (Canada)

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